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December 26, 2012 • Magazine, Runway To Real Way


One of the best under-rated parts of the holiday season is coming home after a long day of shopping/caroling/general merriment and settling in with a great movie you forgot you loved. For me, this has been Almost Famous. It’s hard to believe it’s been over ten years since the coming of age story about a teenage journalist for Rolling Stone came out, with all it’s classic rock splendor and over the top, fringed finery. Not having been around then, movies like this are the only portal I have back to this foreign time, when fashion was interpretive, imaginative, and like everything else back then, all about the music. And the bold textures and splashy patterns have held court since then, showcased the best most recently — in my opinion— at the Nicole Miller Fall 2012 runway show. So allow me to tip a felt, wide-brimmed hat to the Penny Lane, Stillwater, and all the memorable characters of Almost Famous with this tribute to 70’s-inspired fashion.

The one thing that’s as ubiquitous to 70’s fashion as a fringed bag and round sunnies is a good floppy hat. Used to shield the fun from your eyes and protect your long, straight center-parted hair at your favorite outdoor music festival, the wide-brimmed hat was an easy staple to stay afloat through the succeeding decades. Miller broke them out for her swinging 70’s runway party, but in a chic new way with a smaller brim and a leopard print. The leopard print and brown/black palette is a great seasonally versatile style, and I found a great alternative in this Synthesizer Hat by Kahri by KahriAnne Kerr.

It’s no secret that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band jackets have been making a major comeback sine Balmain resurrected them so well a few years back. Miller added an old military-inspired jacket to her ranks with gilded accents and a bold purple scarf. For a more wearable option, (and a more budget-friendly one), I found this INC International Concepts jacket, in a sleek black with just a touch of silver artistry  on the buttons and a high commanding officer collar.

Pencil skirts clearly date back to far before the age of the burning bras and free love. But Miller was able to usher their retro-hour glass shape into the more modern era, and retain a touch of the flower children, with her sleek floral digital prints. Digital printing is quickly becoming the new trend of bold patterns, which fits in seamlessly with the rest of Miller’s aesthetic. I loved the bold blooms that covered this Paul Smith skirt as well, a little Impressionist take on the trend, for a more street style look.

For the final bold flourish to your 70’s-inspired wardrobe, you simply must have a fur vest of some sort. Regardless of the cut, fabric or color, this piece is a must-have for any groovy gal. Again, opting for a cool modern edge, Miller decided to go blue with her vest and create a nice, elongated shape. Luckily, there are plenty of options in both faux and real fur these days, but I just had to go luxe with this dark blue raccoon vest by longtime craftsman, Adrienne Landau, a gorgeous investment piece that will last you for decades to come.

If you’re looking to take a fresh step forward in the new year, try stepping back to the funky fashions of the swinging 70’s!

Look 1: Wide-brimmed Hat
Runway: Nicole Miller RTW Fall 2012
Real Way: Synthesizer Hat by Kahri by KahriAnne Kerr, $350

Look 2: Military-inspired Jacket
Runway: Nicole Miller RTW Fall 2012
Real Way: INC International Concepts Jacket, Military Peplum Blazer, $99.50

Look 3: Floral Pencil Skirt
Runway: Nicole Miller RTW Fall 2012
Real Way: Paul Smith Navy Floral Skirt, now $311

Look 4: Blue Fur Vest
Runway: Nicole Miller RTW Fall 2012
Real Way: Adrienne Landau Long Raccoon Fur Vest, Dark Blue, $715

– Alia Rajput

Runway Photos: NY Mag

Image Layout: Second City Style

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