Project Runway All Stars, Season 2 Episode 9: There’s No Business Like Sew Business. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode.

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December 28, 2012 • Fashion Blog, Television


Joanna Coles and Eli Tahari with Ivy on Project Runway All Stars Season 2, Episode 9

The Project Runway All Stars Season 2 competition is down to 5 designers as the final runway quickly approaches. This week was the ever important ready-to-wear challenge featuring one of the biggest success stories, Elie Tahari. Designers fought to have their design manufactured and sold in every Tahari store and online, working with a price point of between $500 and $700. The gang takes a trip to 5th Avenue to visit Elie Tahari’s design studio, choose fabrics from the Tahari floor of fabrics and have price consultations. In this challenge, designers must make a modern design that fits with the Tahari brand, is appealing to thousands of women within a certain price range.

Once the designers begin their work, Joanna Coles accompanies Elie Tahari to critique the looks so far. Elie is soft-spoken and humble but offers the designers great direction. His speech about the art of appreciation moves Joanna and touches the designers. All of these words of wisdom speak louder when they are heard from the mouth of a man who had come to New York with $35 in his pocket. The designers later discuss Elie and his ability to create comfort and truth. After the critique, Anthony Ryan chats with his boyfriend via video chat and Ivy speaks to Casanova. Both calls re-inspire and refocus the designers as they finish their looks.


Stacy Keibler, Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman, Elie Tahari and Carolyn Murphy

On the runway, Carolyn Murphy again introduces Elie Tahari in the judging panel along with actress and model Stacy Keibler. Finally, the runway commences.

Uli forgoes the excess trimming and chooses a heavy white fabric to create a dress. Uli struggled with the fabric and regretted not choosing a color or printed fabric. Her choice paid off because in the end, Uli took second place only to Anthony Ryan, the winner of the challenge. Anthony Ryan created a modern mini dress using panels of incredible fabric, giving the dress an amazing personality that the judges loved.

Sadly, Joshua, Ivy and Emilio took to the bottom with less than perfect outfits. Joshua’s fuschia pink dress gave the judges and incredible first impression but unfortunately the droopy bust area, skanky lace, and cheap-looking zipper down the back left judges unsure of his taste level. Emilio’s draining gold dress was a classic look, but not bold enough for the judges. Although they reprimanded Emilio for the look, many of them refused to consider sending him home knowing his designing history.

That leaves Ivy’s patterned, color blocked dress which was sent home. If only Ivy had listened to Elie’s advise and has cut the length of the dress, perhaps she would have had another chance to Skype Casanova from Parson’s. Instead she is added to the list of designers that were not All Stars material.

Anthony Ryan, "You are the winner of this challenge!"

Anthony Ryan, “You are the winner of this challenge!”

Uli's Design

Uli’s Design

Joshua's Design

Joshua’s Design

Emilio's Design

Emilio’s Design

Ivy, "You are out!"

Ivy, “You are out!”

Memorable Quotes:

“It looks like a rag.” – Uli

“It will be interesting to see what she does… That’s the nice way of saying it.” – Anthony Ryan

“I don’t care what you make, just make it in color.” – Emilio

“That feels to me like the lazy designer.” – Joanna

“I’m glad you asked that and not me!” – Joanna

“It just reminds me of the Playboy mansion.” – Anthony Ryan

“Who wants to look bigger on their bottom? Nobody.” – Uli

“All love and no fear.” – Elie Tahari

“You have to fight. You are not a loser.” – Casanova

“It’s like a potato sack, honestly.” – Emilio

“The profile is an issue with the droopy boobs and the back with the weird zipper.” – Emilio

“She’s just screamin’ for a ring on that finger.”- Anthony Ryan

“It looks like she’s got a dump in her butt.” – Joshua

“If I go home on a zipper, I’m going to be very upset with myself.” – Joshua

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-Kendall Hill

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