Which Television Characters Influenced Your Style?

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January 3, 2013 • Fashion, Fashion Blog

Denise Huxtable

Denise Huxtable

So yesterday I read an article in the New York Times called To Thine Own Character, by Stuart Emmrich where he picked three inspirational and memorable characters when it comes to women’s fashion. Apparently the HBO show “Girls” are a hipster’s inspiration. But I don’t watch the show and am too old to be a hipster, nor would I want to be one. Now of course the first one that comes to mind is Carrie Bradshaw. That’s a no-brainer. She allowed us to feel confident letting our inner freak-flag fly. However the other two Emmrich picked were Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Richards and Calista Flockhart as Ally McBeal.

Alexis & Krystal Carrington....frenemies

Alexis & Krystal Carrington….frenemies

Now it feels good to say this, but I was too young to be influenced by Mary Richards, however, I can see how her wardrobe was revolutionary for the times. Yet, All McBeal? Really? Wasn’t Heather Locklear already shocking us with her micro-mini’s in the 90’s on Melrose Place? Where was Bea Arthur as Maude? Her style was totally signature. Oh and how about Lisa Bonet as Denise Huxtable? Her style I totally remember. She was an 80’s TV icon! Oh and speaking of the 80’s how about Krystal and Alexis Carrington who made huge shoulder-pads impossibly chic (as well as girl-fights!)? And let us not forget the entire cast of Charlie’s Angels or Marlo Thomas as “That Girl”. The list is endless really.

Marlo Thomas in That Girl!

Marlo Thomas in That Girl!

Which TV characters inspired your sense of style at the time?

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Source: NY Times

Photos: Oh Such a Primadonna, Fanpix.net

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