Fashionattitude: New Year, New You – 5 Fashion Resolutions That Aren’t BS

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January 7, 2013 • Fashionattitude, Magazine


Yes, folks, this is the most irritating time of year. Every website, magazine and blog under the sun offers strategies and magic spells for making you thinner, smarter, kinder and/or somehow worthy of your own Lifetime makeover show. Indeed. Well, as hilarious as these promises might be (who doesn’t want a machine for only $19.99 to take those years of cake consumption off your ever-extending gut?), Heatherbelle has some advice, ideas and for 2013 that you might actually follow. Or at least you should.

1. Wear all black. Yes, you heard right my darlings. Forget about adding the dreaded “pop of color.” Forget about the hideous pink cardigan from J. Crew that looks like something donned by a sorority girl circa 1982 or that floral print from ‘Little House on the Prairie’.  It’s actually more challenging to wear black in a way that doesn’t make you look like you have changed your clothes in a month.

Sergio Rossi Crystal Cutout Shoe Bootie, $1670
ICB tiered Lace Overlay Dress, now $229

2. Ditch the sneakers. I don’t care if they have some Gucci print or YSL-inspired logo. Nike is for sport and while Heatherbelle acknowledges much of life is a game, be brave and just leave them in the gym bag, permanently. As in forever. Instead opt for flats, boots or even just pretend you give a damn and wear heels. You’re a** will thank you.

Salvatore Ferragamo My Paris Ballet Flats, $325

Oscar de la Renta Baltic Shoe, now $549

3. Instead of running into Forever21 for a boatload of cheap garbage take some time and look for similar items on sale at stores and websites that carry brands known for quality. Look at their outlet stores/online sites and I pretty much guarantee that you will find something similar at a close price point that you won’t have to throw away in a month (or after you wash it for the first time. Old Navy sweater, ahem).

Barneys New York CO-OP Ruched Dress, now $89

Splendid Ribbed V-neck Tee, now $19

4. Buy the effing handbag already! For all the forty dollar and two hundred dollar mediocre bags you purchase over the course of a year (along with the other “I kind of like it and want it this second and it seems cheap” fashion-y purchases) you could have saved that money and bought something you will likely own forever and will look smashing every season. For reals.

Saint Laurent Paris ‘Muse – Large’ Leather Dome Satchel, $1690

Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel, $895

5. And because Heatherbelle often has the attention span of a gnat, she thinks you should be brave and expand your ideas about fashion by taking a spin on the web and looking at international fashion sites and stores. It’s amazing what you can learn just by ditching the same lame fashion magazines and looking at something outside your comfort zone.

Read Deutsch Vogue, French Beauty Blog, and Garance Dore

– Heatherbelle Bridgeview

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