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January 17, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Under-Pinnings

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I seriously can not believe I am going to admit this, but as my husband says…I have no filter. Pretty much an open book. Anyway, ever since having 2 kids, how can I say, um, sneezing will never be the same or laughing really hard, or jumping up and down. Luckily, I’m not alone.  1 in 4 women experience light bladder leaks – yikes! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad enough for Depends. Yet. Yet, luckily there is another solution besides panty-liners. Enter Dear Kate. With Dear Kate, every pair of underpinnings comes with a built-in light-as-a-feather leak-resistant lining. They seriously look and feel like my other favorite pairs of underwear I already own.

What started as a class project for founder Julie Sygiel, has become a call to action for women – based on the simple notion that one can find the confidence and protection she needs with the style she loves. Countless hours in the lab followed, as Sygiel’s engineering background guided the development of high-tech lingerie boasting the ultimate trifecta: absorbency, breathability, and style. And the best part? No special care required – just toss in the washer, hang-dry and go.

Dear Kate underpinnings are not just for the slightly incontinent (ahem) they are also perfect for workouts as the built-in linings arm the panties with a nearly undetectable guard for wicking away perspiration while exercising. The also give you a little sense of relief if your Aunt Flo comes raging into town.

The styles are super cute. I honestly had no idea they were, um, special. I just thought the hipster style was retro chic, but there are also sexy lace-back thongs, bikinis and high-rise styles.

Check out for style, info and ordering.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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