Style Sleuth: Call in Sick? Stay In Style!

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January 28, 2013 • Magazine, Style Sleuth

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You’ve got it…the sniffles, the sneeze and whole body chills. You have tried your best to fight it but eventually, it caught up with you. You’ve got a cold (or even worse, the flu). All you want to do is curl up into bed and sleep the day away. The first few days, of course, no one but your concerned-but-forced boyfriend, husband, doting mother and terrified friends might help you and help pick up rations and supplies. But then, you’re on quarantine… until the third day. You’re just well enough to see other people but not feeling good enough to slap on some makeup and decent clothing. You’re not putting on your best ballgown but you have to look presentable. You may be sick, but you don’t have to look it!

Remember what I just said about makeup three sentences ago? Well, I lied… but only a little! You need some soothing shea lip balm to keep your lips hydrated. Trust me, it will keep your lips from becoming super chapped from the cold wind and dry air. You’ll also want the perfect outfit for lounging around because you can’t just wear ratty sweats all week long: a cute pair of printed luxurious pajamas (hey, just tell yourself that silk is proven to get rid of illnesses). You can also pace around the house in some super soft slippers. And make sure to have your extra fluffy throw blanket around just in case the chills return.

While you’re sick, you can only watch so much television. Keep yourself fashion-educated with some recent books. And if for some reason you just have to run out, make sure to wear some fabulous sunglasses to hide your bloodshot eyes. Just make sure to stay stylishly bundled up! Achoo!

1. Equipment Jasper Brushed-silk Pajama Set, $485

2. The Sartorialist: Closer, $29.99

3. Wildfox Sweatpants – I Need Coffee, $96

4. UGG® Australia Shearling Slippers, $80

5. Vince Camuto Oversized Cat’s Eye Sunglasses, $65

6. Grace Coddington Grace: A Memoir hardcover book by Grace Coddington, $35

7. Vera Bradley Super Soft Throw Blanket, $49

8. L’Occitane Shea Organic Lip Balm, $12

– Taneisha Jordan

Image Layout: Laura Burkhardt

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