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January 29, 2013 • Bad Judgement, Fashion Blog

Could you EVER respect a man who wears MEGGINGS?

Could you EVER respect a man who wears MEGGINGS?

We here at Second City Style really only cover women’s fashion, therefore I don’t normally receive too many press releases about men’s fashion. So when I got a pitch about the men’s leggings appropriately – I suppose – called ‘meggings‘ featuring the pair shown above, I thought it was a joke. In fact, I proceeded to show it to a group of my peers at an event later that same day where we all laughed so hard, you almost had to pick us up off the floor. I didn’t give meggings a second thought until I read an article in the NY Post today.

Yep, it had to happen. A Post reporter road-tested meggings and reports the look a surprise hit. Oh really? With whom? The blind?

Reporter Chris Erikson was beyond bold and actually wore a pair of these things in public. “Fellas, let me introduce you to meggings. While the word suggests something needing the attention of an ear-nose-throat specialist, the reality is arguably worse: We’re talking leggings for men. And many seem to think it’s a look whose time has come.”

Post reporter Erickson road tests meggings and finds himself a hit with jailbait.

Post reporter Chris Erikson road tests meggings and finds himself a hit with jailbait.

OK, so maybe Justin Bieber, Lenny Kravitz and Russell Brand like manty-hose, but it doesn’t mean they should be worn by the average man. Me thinks not!

“It didn’t help matters that my stylist had opted for a pair with a leopard-spotted print. The photos of Brand and Kravitz showed basic dark numbers, and I’d pictured something similarly dignified. (Though that’s obviously a relative term — like calling a rodeo clown’s get-up “fairly somber.”) Co-workers were quick to lob cracks (“Hey, it’s Rod Stewart!”), and while I wasn’t anxious to go out in public, I figured it couldn’t be much worse. So I headed out onto Sixth Avenue.”

Oh no. This couldn’t possibly end well, could it? Well according to Erickson they were not as badly received as one might think. At least not in NYC where pretty much anything goes. Of course meggings were a hit with teens. No surprise there, but with people with taste…really? Here is a bit of advice…if you want your boys close, wear tighty whities. Nobody wants to see your business. No really.

Read Should a man wear meggings? here. It is actually quite entertaining and horrifying at the same time.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Source & photo: NY Post

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