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February 4, 2013 • Events, Fashion, Fashion Blog


I keep seeing/reading all of these posts about editor Fashion Week Essentials and it got me thinking…what are mine? Heck, what are the other 4 people running around NYC for Second City Style tossing into their bags?

Zadig & Voltaire Roady Moto Boots: I had to have these babies and they were on sale! When I found out I could switch the studs to gold or silver I was done! Now some women (and men) think Fashion Week is the time to wear their highest heels, but maybe that’s if you aren’t really working. If you have to run between shows and all over the city, heels are not your friend.

Leather Tote: I suppose you would call this Celine bag a handbag, but this one has longer handles and is bigger than the usual Luggage Tote you see all week. I have a ton of crap to lug around so this bag suits me fine. However, in all honesty I will probably switch my bags around. YSL and Phillip Lim I see being my go-tos as well.

iPad Mini: This was a Christmas gift and finally I can bring it to Fashion Week and not weigh myself down. Not only has my 3 year-old son taken my iPad I, it was just too heavy to lug around.

iPad/iPhone Charger: It goes without saying that you can’t afford to have your phone die. Especially when you have to Tweet, Instagram, Vine and have communication with your staff, not to mention your babysitter. Now finding an outlet is another story.

Minimergency Kit For Her: I always have a fresh one of these on me at the start of Fashion Week. It has 16 must-have items like: band-aids, double-sided tape, floss, stain remover, an emery board, pain reliever, and a mending kit jammed into this tiny silver case. Brilliant. The best $10 you can spend.

Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizer: The February shows are particularly tough. You are just trying to get through the week alive. Everyone’s defenses start depleting by Day 5 and you realize many of your peers have caught “The Fashion Week Flu.” It is not a myth. Several years ago I made it through my last show on the last day and fell into bed for 3 solid days. I probably should have gone to the hospital. I was that sick. So now I make sure to sanitize everything! So what if my cuticles are a bloody mess by the end of the week? That’s why I also carry the next product.

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream, This glycerin-based cream is enriched with vitamin E, vitamin B2, and camphor. It is the shit and if you haven’t tried it yet, you must. It relieves the driest of skin. I’m addicted. The camphor smell is a little funky at first, but it dissipates quickly or maybe I’m just used to it.

Trident Layers Gum: Speaking of addicted, Layers gum basically serves as my meals during Fashion Week. Nobody eats. Which is also why there is so much halitosis in the air assaulting my olfactory. No food + no air circulation = bad breath. But I share, so if you see me there and want a piece of gum, hit me up and if I offer you a piece…there’s probably a good reason.

Starbucks Card: In all honesty my preference is Dunkin, but you will be hard-pressed to find one around Lincoln Center. However, there is a Starbucks next to the Empire Hotel. The lines will be out the door with fashion folks and high school students. You never want to be without money, so the card comes in handy. It’s not like the serve coffee in the tents anymore and a bottled Frappaccino just doesn’t cut it.

Metro Card: I would love to tell you I take cabs or have a driver all week, but I don’t. Sometimes it’s just easier to take the bus/subway. I can’t tell you how many times I have jumped on a city bus heading in the direction away from a packed show in the middle of nowhere. While others are all trying to flag down a cab our find their black Escalade, I’ve hopped a bus outta Dodge. As long as it’s heading in the general direction of where I need to go, I can usually figure it out. Fashion Week survival skills are a must.

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– Lauren Dimet Waters

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