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February 4, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Shopping

valentines gift guide


Of course we had to offer up our Valentine’s Day Picks! Some are ideas for the significant person in your life and well, some are you to hint for to the significant person in your life. If there is no man (or woman) in your life at the moment it’s the perfect excuse to get yourself a little something special. Valentine’s Day is about love, and well, you should love yourself right? Hey, any excuse will do.

1. La Mer Black Rose Gold Cairo Pyramid Wrap Watch, $115

This Italian leather wrap with rose gold hardware watch as a lot of bang for the buck! How can you not love it?

2. Stella & Dot Carmen Necklace, $158

Who doesn’t love a statement necklace? This one comprised of pink, coral, golden beads, metal spikes is romantic yet bad-ass.

3. Me & Ro Sterling Silver Large Shield Pendant, $155

We adore Me & Ro jewelry, so obviously we think there is always an occasion to give and receive it. We love this large shield pendant because it’s a symbol of power, strength, and serves to protect the wearer from danger. Perfect for a man or woman and if silver isn’t your thing, it comes in other metals and with or without diamonds.

4. Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon, $35

There is a new tall, dark stranger ready to lock lips with this Valentine’s Day: Maker’s 46. Each barrel of Maker’s 46, the first new bourbon from Maker’s Mark in 52 years, is finished with seared French oak staves to create a bolder, more complex expression. Its aromatic blend of caramel, vanilla and spice flavors are guaranteed to woo your lover’s taste buds.

5. Portón Pisco, $40

Can’t get away for V-Day? Open a bottle of Portón pisco, a Peruvian white grape brandy, and pretend you are on vacation. The aroma has notes of cinnamon, orange blossom and citrus. There are a ton of cocktails one can make with Portón (recipes are on their website), but my personal favorite is the Capitan which is basically like a Manhattan. Or you can keep it simple and mix it with cola. Delicious.

6. Pomellato Nudo Ring, $3, 100

Sometimes a minimal setting is all you need. This collection is simple, yet luxurious.

7. From Belgium with Love Chocolates, $48

Who wants a heart-shaped box of chocolates from Walgreens? Not us. We have more refined tastes when it comes to my chocolate. This will do very nicely.

8. iPad Ultra-Light Battery Charger, $65

Nothing says love better than practicality. And knowing your loved one always has a charged phone and therefore no excuse not to be reachable.

9. Urban Dog Love is Mixtapes – iPhone Case, $36.89

If you actually saw ‘Say Anything’ at the movie theater you will appreciate this relic of an iPhone case. Remember when everything you had to say to someone could be summed up on a mixed-tape? Those were the good old days.

10. Bespoke Shirt Gift Card, from $150

Now you need not be afraid he will hate that shirt you picked out. He can make his own to his own picky specifications.

11. Balenciaga Montre Acier Gold Watch, $1,945

This watch is just the bomb-diggity. Who wouldn’t want to wear it?

12. Clinique Happy Heart Perfume Spray, $37

This beloved fragrance now comes in a limited edition, exclusively designed package, with a percent of proceeds donated  directly to charity. Clinique collaborated with Petra Nemcova and her charity, Happy Hearts Fund (HHF), which is a global charity focused on rebuilding schools devastated by natural disasters. $10 of the purchase price goes to HHF.

13. Jennifer Meyer Diamond ‘Love You’ Necklace,$3,125

No explanation needed. Love + Diamonds = Awesome.

14. Rachel Roy x Deepak Chopra Sword Stack Ring, $210

Designer Rachel Roy and spiritual leader Deepak Chopra worked together to design this sword-embellished stacked ring with diamond accents. All proceeds from sales go to the Chopra Foundation which is dedicated to improving health and well being, cultivating spiritual knowledge, expanding consciousness, and promoting world peace to all members of the human family.

15. Stark Seductress Swarovski Crystal Clutch, $2,132

What woman doesn’t love a clutch? Especially one with Swarovski crystals all over it?

16. The Homemade Gin Kit,$39.95

Did you know it’s possible to make your own gin? This kit transforms inexpensive vodka into homemade gin with a rich blend of juniper berries followed by an array of carefully selected and hand weighed spices, botanicals, flowers and aromatics. Complete with a red ribbon adorning the box, this kit is the perfect gift for anyone who is into booze, epicurean pursuits, or DIY projects. And for those without a special someone, making your own hooch isn’t a bad way to pass the day either.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Image Layout: Laura Burkhardt

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