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February 5, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Industry


Celebrities get all of the freebies and perks. We, the regular people of the world, are well aware of this. It seems ironic though that the people who can probably afford the majority of the items without denting their bank accounts are the ones making out like bandits. Sadly, this is no different during fashion week – and it’s been this way for sometime now.

Whether they’re A, B, C or even D-list celebrities, they’re cashing in during fashion week. According to a New York Post article, A-list celebrities can make more than $100,000 in “talent fees” for making a 15-minute cameo at a show. The same article proceeds to say that B-listers can scoop up about $60,000 while C-listers get around $30,000. But you know what, it doesn’t even hurt to be on the D-list in this situation because they can even make to $10,000 at a show.

However, none of these rankings are set in stone. The “one minute you’re in and the next you’re out” motto truly applies. The balance of power is very fickle in the world of celebrities. Sometimes it depends on who you’re hooking up with, or who you’re no longer associated with. One year a celebrity could be consider A-list, while the next season they’ve dropped to the C-list all because of a break-up or lack of hit movies.

It’s understandable that some designers really want the extra star power and publicity. Who wouldn’t want the bragging rights to say that the hottest celebrity is wearing their clothes. But that’s what a good PR company is for. You’ve made it to fashion week, so you must have some damn talent. Just save the money, and let the talent and designs speak for themselves.

– Jamie Wilson

Source: New York Post; Image: NY Daily News

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