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February 20, 2013 • Beauty, Fashion Blog


I love history, vintage and basically anything old when it comes to fashion and beauty. So when I attended The Art of Scent Exhibit last December I was really drawn to the first and oldest scent in the lineup…Guerlain’s Jicky. I never forgot about it and just recently obtained a sample. I really wanted to see if the scent, which was created by Aime Guerlain in 1889, is still relevant today.

Jicky was the first fragrance to include top, heart and base notes. In fact, many consider it the first perfume ever made. It was also the first unisex fragrance, but if you ask me, by today’s standards it’s decidedly more feminine. The story goes like this; Aime Guerlain (a French man), fell in love with an English girl while studying in England. Her name was Jacqueline, but she was affectionately known as Jicky. At 27 Aime was obligated to return home to France alone without the girl he loved, dejected and heartbroken. Time passed…and Aime Guerlain created the world’s first modern parfum as a homage to Jicky, the love of his youth. Jicky is also the nickname Aime gave his nephew Jacques Guerlain.

Jicky is a seductive, heady and sensual scent for women (and men) of distinction and is considered a semi-oriental. The top notes are Lavender, Rosemary and Bergamont. The heart notes are Rose Fern Harmony and Tonka Beans. The base note is Opoponax Woody notes Vanilla.

Yes, it’s rather expensive, but comes in a classic quadrilobe bottle, designed by Baccarat in 1947, which is just stunning and should be displayed prominently on your dresser..

So how does it smell? Like nothing I have ever worn before. It would seem so unlike me since I tend to prefer florals and green scents, but this scent smells light and clean, but old. And by that I don’t mean ‘old lady.’ It smells like it has a story and some history, which it does. Most importantly, it does not smell like anything else I have encountered on the market in a long time. How interesting that sometimes you have to dig deep into history to find something different for today. Is this scent still relevant? You bet it is. In fact, I will be hoarding my sample until it’s all gone…thank you very much! I love it.

Guerlain Jicky Parfum, $327

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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