The Face: Season 1 Episode 2 "Model Warfare"

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February 20, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Television



Tuesday night finally comes around again! We have been waiting all week long for another episode of the thrilling super model competition The Face. This week, we see less of the super star coaches and more of the cat fighting and tension going on behind the scenes between the girls. For those of us who solely watch to see our idols dole out modeling advice, this episode was not the best. But, for those who love to indulge in some heated drama, this one is for you.

Last episode, all eyes were on Team Naomi as Aleksandra was the first to be eliminated, causing Naomi to take offense against Karolina. This episode, Team Naomi received all the camera”s attention yet again for the constant battle between Sandra and Jocelyn. At the beginning of the season, Naomi admits that she chooses girls who have strong personalities to be on her team. But put them all in a room together, and you can bet they won”t get along! Jocelyn and Sandra”s fight doesn”t come out of nowhere. From the beginning, we don”t see them getting along. Jocelyn thinks Sandra has zero class and Sandra thinks Jocelyn is too stuck up. It”s the same fight over and over. What sparked the rage in this episode was the second individual challenge (posing with Vogue Eyewear) where all three Team Naomi girls were coincidentally in the bottom 3. Sandra took her disappointment out on the team, while Jocelyn became frustrated with Sandra”s lack of class. Towards the end of the fight, Sandra threatened to hit Jocelyn and we can clearly see the fright on poor Jocelyn”s face.

After the argument, Naomi had to step in and talk some sense into Sandra. What”s really refreshing about this show is the lack of empathy the coaches have for each girl. They are not there to “understand” the girl or make her “feel better.” They are there to make their girls “The Face.” In a scene where Naomi steps into Sandra”s room for a talk, you almost expect her to empathize with Sandra and cry with her. But instead, a fierce Naomi Europeisk rulett er en variant. is lecturing Sandra for the better. She delivers the best line of the entire episode: “[It] Doesn”t matter where you came from. You made it this far…” (we wait for the soft embrace Tyra always gives in these situations) “Don”t f*ck it up.” BOOM. Miss Naomi is unshakeable, and we love it.

Unfortunately, the team”s drama continues onto the team challenge, which is a 15 second commercial for Cosabella Lingerie. Each member of the team needs to embody different personalities through the lingerie: sexy, flirty and conservative. The members of the winning team gets their own lingerie set named after them sold online and through Cosabella”s flagship store. Jocelyn and Sandra immediately start fighting when picking roles, so Naomi has to step in, assign roles and spoon feed their entire commercial that included an impromptu pillow fight. Enjoy babysitting, Naomi??

Even though Team Naomi had the most trouble, their pillow fight won the judge, Guido Campello, over. The elimination round came down to Christy from Team Karolina and Stephanie yet again from Team Coco. Christy was quite confident that she”d win against newbie Stephanie, but Naomi decided to eliminate one of Karolina”s girls. Was this on purpose? Or is Stephanie really that much better than Christy? We almost wonder if the show is scripted (it probably is, right?). But, we don”t mind. The competition just keeps getting better.

– Christine Hopkins

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    I think that you were right on with this article. Christine, What motivated you to call this blog “The Face: Season 1 Episode 2 “Model Warfare””, not that the title does not go with the content, I am just wondering. Well put Christine.

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