Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 5: A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock N Roll. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

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February 22, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Television


This episode of Project Runway begins right after the previous runway show. The designers meet at the runway and Heidi and Tim present them with the button bag. The designers will now work in smaller groups and can now choose their design partners. Heidi pulls the designer’s names from the bag to see who will choose a new partner first. Samantha chooses first because she won the last challenge and she picks Daniel. Richard chooses Stanley; Patricia picks Layana; Matt selects Michelle; Kate chooses Tu; and Amanda ends up with Benjamin.

The designers go to a bar called Johnny Utah’s to get into a country western state of mind, because for this challenge, they are designing for singer Miranda Lambert! Each team will design two looks for Miranda, a performance look and a red carpet look. The designers have examples of what she has worn in the past for guidance. They are also instructed to give her performance look a little edge and to keep her red carpet dress looking fresh.

In an interesting confession, we learn that Amanda’s brother is in the band Maroon 5!


Judges Miranda Lambert, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum

Miranda is naturally the guest judge. Richard and Stanley’s team and Amanda and Benjamin’s team had the highest scores. Amanda felt redeemed because she was almost out last time! Daniel and Samantha’s team and Matt and Michelle’s team had the lowest scores. Nina reprimanded Daniel and could not believe how his look was “Just bad!” and Zac Posen said that Samantha’s white fringe leather neck piece looked like linguini. The judges thought Matt dresses nice and wondered if his style would ever translate to his designs, which in this case, had too many unnoticeable and unnecessary details for a performance dress.

Richard is the winner of this challenge and Miranda will wear his creation in one of her upcoming performances! In a heartbreaking decision, Matt is sent home. This judging panel was sad because strong designers were in the bottom. That’s just what happens as the episodes progress!


Richard, “You are the winner of this challenge!”


Amanda’s Design


Benjamin’s Design


Stanley’s Design


Matt, “You are out!”

Memorable Quotes:

“Give me five girl!” –Tu

“I’m doing a Gaga.” –Tu

“I’m on schedule… my mother would be so proud!” -Benjamin

“Not that I think there are any stinkpots in this room…” –Tim

“This is going to be wacky! You really Gaga-ized her.” -Tim

“When I saw this, I wanted to run for the hills!” –Tim

“It almost looks like eel!” –Tim

“She looks like she’s been rolling in a barn!” – Michelle imitating Nina

“We’re like the wonder twins.” –Richard

“If Miranda wore this, she would be on the worst-dressed list.” –Heidi

“You’re cool as **** and I’m sorry. This is not how I view you.” –Matt

“It looks like a cross between a tablecloth and a napkin.” –Nina

“You just got officially yelled at by Nina!” –Heidi

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– Claire Mykrantz

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