Style Sleuth: Chic And Clashing – The Art of Mixing Prints

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February 25, 2013 • Magazine, Style Sleuth


After New York Fashion Week, you always have the latest trends in hair and makeup floating around in your head for the following few weeks. You start trying to plan your wardrobe and plotting what you have left to buy. One of the biggest trends I observed (on the runway and the streets) was probably the easiest to pull off. You’ll have all the items you need in your closet right now, all you have to do is style them. I’m talking about clashing prints. You’re probably saying right now, “hey Taneisha, tell us something we don’t know!” Yeah, well this fall it’s all about the brightest and loudest hues, prints and patterns you can pull off (within reason, of course).

The basic prints I’m sure you’re aware of are polka dots and stripes. You might think these are the easiest to pull off, but there’s an even easier one: mixing animal prints. It seems so straightforward but I realized when I was sitting in the Tracy Reese show as cheetah and giraffe sauntered down the runway, that it was a certain type of combination that hasn’t really been attempted before. Crazy, right?

The way to wear these types of pieces at work is a little tricky though. You have to make sure that you’re clashing in the same color family but not too wild as to get a call from HR. Staying with muted prints in dark browns and beiges or blacks and whites might be the best way to go. If you’re going out, all bets are off. Using neon colored prints with black and white is a sure fire hit. If you do try a coloring of the brightly hued persuasion, team it with a black or white so that your outfit doesn’t resemble a double-end highlighter.

This is sure to be the easiest trend you’ll try all season so hop to it! Start clashing!

1. Sperry Hayden Top-Sider, $68.99
2. ASOS Statement Geo Print Pants, $70.16
3. TopShop Spot Shirt,  $76
4. Cupcake Contest Shoulder Bag, $42.99
5. Gap Striped Twill Zip Jacket, $88
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Lita Sweater, $188
7. Lilli Pulitzer Tote Bag, $78
8. Parker Screened Stripe Skirt, $115.97

– Taneisha Jordan

Image Layout: Laura Burkhardt

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