A Fashion Icon Remembered. It’s Been Ten Years Since Princess Diana Died.

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August 31, 2007 • Magazine


If Princess Diana were still alive she would be 46 years old. I wonder what she would look like or better yet be wearing. Sadly today we remember her death ten years ago. Can it really already be ten years?

As a young(er) girl I will never forget waking up in the wee hours to watch her royal wedding to Prince Charles with my parents. Conversely, I will never forget watching everything about her death in the wee hours, alone, for days on end.

How is it her death affected us us so deeply? Lord knows other fashion icons have died in those ten years, but as I type this today, I still get lump in my throat thinking about the seemingly human, flawed, gorgeous and yet somehow doomed Princess. You just had a feeling life was not going to be kind to her. Yet, you never expected her to die.

I was at my friend Jessie’s wedding ten years ago. Jessie and I have been friends since the seventh grade and I couldn’t have been happier she was marrying a great guy. I had recently moved back to Buffalo to work for a family business and was less than thrilled. I hated living there and since I was dating nobody in particular at the time, went stag to her wedding.

At some point Jessie’s cousin Joey came running up to the group I was standing with frantically proclaiming Princess Diana had been in a horrible car wreck and it was not certain she was still alive. Needless to say, the women in the group took off to find a television in the club where the reception was taking place. We found one in a bar where Jessie’s sisters and a few other people from the wedding were gathered. There we stayed uncertain if the Princess was dead or alive. One thing was for sure, poor Jessie’s wedding was over.

The strangest part is that my other friend Jackie and I somehow wound up back at the honeymoon suite with the bride and groom watching the news and eating pizza. At some point we left in a daze. In shock. The whole thing was surreal. So were the next days as was her funeral.


Ten years ago today, my boyfriend took me to a Sox game. I went, somewhat
reluctantly, because I am a Cub fan and in Chicago, true fans are not fans
of both teams. We went to a bar on the corner,
had a hot dog, watched the game and  fireworks because they had won. We were on
a happy mellow roll and it was our last shot at summer.

We went back
to the north side, to The Old Town Tap for a nightcap. This bar has been
home to many creative writers, improv actors, regular characters, and barflys since the 50’s. One of the characters, who we always thought was "a
nutty old lady" told us in a serious voice that Princess Diana was in a
terrible auto accident. As we looked up at the television, we realized she
was not crazy. Everyone there was in disbelief, we all became more sober as
we drank more beers and discussed what could have happened. Was there foul play? Who would run them off the road?

Just the year before Princess Diana was in Chicago. A guy we knew got to dance with her at a
benefit, and it was all over the news. We all came to love the new
independent princess. What she wore and every single thing she did was
reported on her visit. She wore a light green suit and a periwinkle violet
sleek gown. I remember how her clothes fit her so perfectly. She knew how to be flawless in the public eye. We admired her so

We went back home and continued to watch the news all night. They kept saying she was still alive. I finally fell asleep on the sofa at 5am, and hoped that when I woke up, I would not hear bad news.


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  1. Camilla says:

    Lady Di was and always will be a symbol of classic elegance <3 ten years... 🙁
    Great blog by the way <3

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