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October 26, 2007 • Shopping

I always like to be the first at a sale. Well, I got there at 1pm today. And now I feel the sense of urgency to give everyone the scoop on what is available – at least for now, that is – at the Billion Dollar Babes Designer Sale at 1936 West Grand Ave!


I’m always attracted to shoes, and this line by Marchello Toshi, made in Peru, is a line that you can find at Anthropology. Cute and fun, reasonable heel heights and they had most sizes available. These are actually fall shoes…but looked a little springy. (Maybe for fall in Peru?) So you can wear them now and next spring, too!Shoes always make a girl happy. Shoes regularly $275, Now $130.

They always have a large jeans section at Billion Dollar Babes. My favorite was by Radcliffe Denim, a wider-legged dark wash pair of jeans, which can be a great new update for your wardrobe. Regularly $185 for $75.

There was a lot of fanyastic jewelry by Jessica Elliot for 40-60% off (and designer sunglasses for 25% to even 85% off. So – get the white pair for next summer!

Handbags were minimal at this "Babes" event. There was only one line there, and it wasn’t the usual Botkier or anything to tell you to run there for…yet women were still hovering over the table.


These trench coats by Gryphon were fitted and fashionable. You know that we wear this weight of coat more than anything! So you may as well have a fantastic trench. There was a wide selection with gold sequins to take any nerdiness out of wearing a trench, for half price – was $850, now $425. There were also cool belted and fitted basics, including black coats without embellishments for $250 – $295.


The D&G rack had some beautiful pieces, dresses regularly    $2100 for $900, amazing silk tops and tunics, regularly $345-400 for $825-$1050. These items were limited, but if you need a special piece you may find a dream item!

Then it was upstairs to the massive racks of clothes. Get ready to
imagine the items not wrinkled. There is a lot of merchandise crammed
in and much of it just unpacked. I noticed that there appeared to be
an abundance of springy off-season pieces, so maybe you can think ahead. I also
recognized some of the same clothes from the last Billion Dollar Babes.
(I never forget a textile print.)

Tibi was a new line that I don’t remember seeing in Chicago before, and they had some great wool coats (like the short sleeved one above in black and grey) and some short jackets. Inventory did not look too heft, but sometimes they replenish. Was $670, now $295.


These beautiful beaded, chiffon, silk and velvet Jenny Packard dresses were greatly discounted.
Regularly $2100-1600 for $800-600. Very limited quantity.


Back to practical… Amo & Bretti knits. There were some lightweight cashmere dresses, tunic and sweaters for $140-120. Great styling in neutrals – black, greys and creams.

As always, you got to get over there, look for yourself and try stuff on! From what I saw today, if you are looking for a special occasion item or a very practical one, you could probably find it!

Billion Dollar Babes
12:00 noon – 9:00 pm BDB members and VIPS early shopping – Friday Oct 26
9:00 am – 5:00 pm open to the public – Saturday Oct 27
Skylight Studios, 1956 W Grand Ave., Chicago

—Carol Calacci

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