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October 31, 2007 • Accessories

I am not a follower of all trends. I swear. However, this new opera length long leather glove trend has really got me hooked. OK this one and the cloche. This season’s long gloves are elegant and overtly feminine, no doubt. Perfect with short and cropped sleeves…the question is, how high can you go? Whether the pair you chose are long or over-the-elbow, you can’t go wrong.

So here is my dilemma, I tend to lose gloves like a little kid. I swear if I could get away with running a string through my collar, I would. So spending a fortune is not going to work for me. The more expensive the glove I lose, the harder I will cry.

Here are some that run the price gamut (from most expensive to least:


Carolina Amato Opera-Length Leather Gloves $285 eLUXURY


Fratelli Orsini Italian " Opera Length" Long Leather Gloves $225.95 Amazon


Saks Fifth Avenue Patent Leather Gloves $198 Saks Fifth Avenue 


Nordstrom Opera Length Gloves in Dark Grey
$148 Nordstrom  

Fownes Ten Button Leather Gloves $135 Bloomingdale’s 

Club Monaco Patent and Leather Gloves $89

Yes, I bought these! I took this picture myself since Club Monaco doesn’t have an e-commerce site (the only store that doesn’t in 2007), they rock.


Club Monaco Suede Gloves $79


Club Monaco Leather Gloves $79



Portolano black leather long gloves $78 Bluefly

For the money, Club Monaco has the best gloves going right now. I’m sure H&M and the like will be sure to follow, but for now, these are the best options.

-Lauren Dimet Waters



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