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October 9, 2007 • Accessories


It seems the line between Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton has blurred and I for one am NOT happy about it. I like Marc Jacobs, but I also like Louis Vuitton. What I used to like was telling the two apart, and now I can’t. I admire designers who can make their own distinct brand successful, but when they take on another (like Jacobs as head designer for Vuitton) the true talent is seeing an unquestionable delineation. Marc Jacobs is clearly all about Marc, all the time…it’s the Marc Jacobs show. I’d like to turn the channel. Have some variety if you will.

I digress. Let’s talk about the bags, because let’s face it…it seems more affordable to shell out cash for a Louis Vuitton bag than a whole wardrobe. That being said, I have not carried one of my three LV’s in years. In fact, I may sell them on Ebay. Why? The whole freaking world carries them, they have lost their luster, are no longer exclusive and I fear someone might think I am carrying a fake. Last I heard 90% of the LV bags you see carried are fake. Bummer.

Now for the next bummer…the bags in this recent LV show. These bags were a collaboration with artist Richard Prince. If said bags were merely a few hundred bucks (OK, under a thousand) I might carry one for kicks. But, to me LV is an investment and frankly, there are many other investment bags I would rather buy/carry.








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