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October 12, 2007 • Beauty


Is the world really ready to smell like the Material Girl? I’m surprised it didn’t happen years ago, frankly. WWD, is reporting that there are reports of a $120 million deal Madonna is said
to have inked with Live Nation, the long-talked-about possibility of a
Madonna fragrance may become a reality: Live Nation would be gaining
the right to license the singer’s name for merchandising projects,
which could include fragrance.

Madonna has reportedly been shopping herself around the fragrance
industry for more than a decade. But this time, it could be for real. One cosmetics executive called
the possible deal with Live Nation, reported in The Wall Street
Journal, "a massive casting call" that could function as a magnet for
licensing suitors.

estimate that Madonna’s megawatt name could power a $60 million to $80
million fragrance brand, and at least $200 million in sales globally.
And industry experts agree, Madonna won’t come cheap. Not all celebrity
fragrance deals pay an up-front fee; many rely on a royalty of 2-5 % of net shipments. And Madonna would likely require
a hefty multimillion-dollar up-front payment.

Sources expect
that Madonna would push the fragrance envelope to the seams with a
bold, avant-garde concept, should she introduce a signature scent. At
least a decade ago, Madonna first expressed an interest in the
fragrance business and, at the time, shopped around a concept called
Holy Water to several fragrance houses. She seems to have rekindled her
curiosity for the business, according to one fragrance executive, who
said the singer has met with Firmenich within the last year.

Whether Madonna does a fragrance or not, one
thing is clear: the celebrity fragrance business is here to stay, at
least in the short term (ew). "She [Madonna] is the Liz Taylor of her generation," said a top-ranking
executive who spoke on a condition of anonymity. I’m sure that’s a comparison she will love. Black Diamonds anyone?

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