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July 17, 2007 • Beauty


I typically try to stay below the radar when visiting the cosmetics departments in Saks or Neiman’s because I know if I give a sales person eye contact, my quick $20 purchase turns into a $200 purchase! During my last trip to Saks, I couldn’t help but stop as the lovely sales lady told me how much she loved my top. I, of course, had to stop since she has great taste! After talking about what I considered to be my fabulous find, she begins to tell me about this great line of fragrances, Bond No. 9. I initially tell her I’m not interested in purchasing any new fragrances because I have more than enough. She insists that I at least take a sample. She goes on to tell me about Bond fragrances and the fragrances being an homage to the great city of New York. Each fragrance is cleverly named after either a downtown, midtown, uptown location. With there being over 20 fragrances in this line, I knew that it was going to take a moment for me to find one that I liked.

One spray and I was hooked! We went through every bottle and I found it extremely hard to find one to take as a sample. She then threw out “the big guns.” A wonderful variety box that includes miniature versions of all the fragrances so cutely named Bon Bons. I teetered as now my quick, inexpensive trip may now become a $240 trip. She then pulls out the crème de la crème of the box sets, the Bond No. 9 New York Crystal Pocket Spray Box Set. I couldn’t resist… A purse size Swarovski Crystal adorned atomizer with three Bond No. 9 fragrances (Chinatown, Chelsea Flowers and Eau de New York). The intoxicating scents reeled me in and the shine of the crystals solidified the deal.

These fragrances are a must for any woman’s collection. A little goes a long way so the investment is completely worth it. Available at select Saks Fifth Avenue locations or at

Bond No. 9 New York Crystal Pocket Spray Box Set, $195

— Natayle Henry

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