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October 15, 2007 • Beauty


Something terrible happened to me during New York Fashion Week. Seriously. I can just admit it now. My cosmetic bag lept from the ginourmous tote bag I was lugging all week…the second day of the shows. This made me very cranky (and unattractive). Even though the bag was small, it held about 8 of my favorite products. The timing couldn’t have been worse and some of the items were irreplaceable.

One of these lost items was my favorite lip pencil I bought in Italy. Before you recoil in horror thinking "you still wear lipliner?" Yes, I do…but it’s the perfect shade of brown/pink and I color in my entire lip and top with clear gloss for day. You know, instead of lipstick because it stays put longer.

My other quandary, I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money to replace the items, nor did I have the time. The drugstore and Sephora (there is one near Bryant Park) would have to do.

While running through the cosmetic aisles as the drugstore I remembered my favorite lip pencil as a young, broke college student was "Wet n’ Wild 666"…the price has not changed and neither has the product. I threw down my dollar with a feeling of victory. It’s amazing! The perfect ‘brandy wine’ color and it blends well. Why did I ever switch and pay more in the first place?

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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