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Fountain of 30

September 21, 2007 • Beauty

Natayle Henry for Second City Style Magazine

Most women are creatures of habit when it comes to fragrances. Once
you find the fragrance that suits your personal preference, the idea of
change becomes inconceivable. With so many intriguing scents available,
why not try something new?

Summer has turned into Fall, so this would be a great time to change
with the season. Whether light wispy scents or bold seductive scents
are your poison of choice, there’s always a new fragrance that you can
add to your perfume arsenal. The scent doesn’t necessarily need to
replace the existing scent but can become your new “date scent” or
“work scent.” Why not have them all? Find a new side of you.

A therapist in a bottle… The scents of Bond No.9’s Eau de New York
is a tantalizing blend of aromatic scents that works as a pick-me-up
while arousing senses. With ingredients like exotic gardenia (sometimes
used as a mood uplifter in scent-therapy), jasmine (known to be an
anti-depressant, headache reliever, anxiety-reducer and aphrodisiac)
and white lily, which is conducive to happiness and love, this
fragrance is a surefire way to exhilarate while capturing the essence
of New York!

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