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April 18, 2007 • Beauty


I almost got a clean getaway. Almost. I had to stop in Sephora to pick up my cleanser today. It should have been a quick errand. Next thing I know, I’m pulling my hair back, removing my makeup and having my skin analyzed.

Skinphysical™ is a diagnostic test (located within certain Sephora locations) that takes a deep, deep look at your skin’s elasticity, hydration, pore size, fine lines and sun damage. Lucky me. The store I went to (Chicago Water Tower Place) had one of these machines and I happened to have 20-minutes.

Here is the Sephora jargon about Skinphysical™. It’s a state of the art skin diagnostic developed exclusively with Sephora by Klinger Advanced Aesthetics. Skinphysical™ uses revolutionary technology to analyze the current condition of your skin and the brightness of your smile. The Skinphysical™ mission is to help you achieve your healthiest skin possible for your age, as well as empower you with knowledge to make informed choices about your skin.               
Using the most advanced skin and teeth sensors, as well as image analysis, a certified Sephora Skincare Expert analyzes your skin and smile. Your analysis is then compiled (results are relative to your age, ethnicity, and demographic) and a customized skincare regimen is recommended by a Sephora Skincare Expert, based on your skin’s specific needs.

I was doing really well in the above mentioned categories (I skipped teeth since mine are Crest White Strip white) until we came to sun damage. Yikes! Yes, I have sworn off sun for 3 years now and won’t even leave my house without 30 spf sunscreen (rain, sleet, sun, wind or snow), but the damage is done. Those years of burning and then tanning have taken a toll. I ranked ‘moderate’ in the visible spots (sun damage) category and ‘numerous’ (high) in the UV damage category (you know, the picture that looks discolored and blotchy?). Lovely. It was suggested I start using an antioxidant serum like Vineperfect by Caudalie. I plan to buy truckloads.

Better to know then turn a blind eye…I think.

You can get your own Skinphysical™ (should you dare) at the following Sephora locations:

California, Rancho Cucamonga
California, San Diego, Fashion Valley
California, San Francisco, Powell Street
California, Santa Clara, Valley Fair
California, Sherman Oaks, Westfield Fashion Square
Florida, Aventura
Illinois, Chicago, Water Tower Place
Massachusetts, Burlington, Burlington Mall
New Jersey, Short Hills
New York, Manhasset
New York, SOHO
New York, Union Square

– Lauren Dimet

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