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May 3, 2007 • Beauty


Julie Naughton reports that August will be bringing more than heat and humidity this year. Inspired by his personal transformation and the feelings evoked by these simple petals, he is launching his latest fragrance: daisy.

"Marc Jacobs is reaching for a new, younger fragrance customer who is as fresh as a daisy.
“We wanted to do something that had a youthful, fresh spirit,” Jacobs said of his scent, aptly called Daisy Marc Jacobs.

Speaking during an exclusive phone interview Wednesday afternoon, he said, “Daisy is more youthful, while my gardenia and jasmine scents [Marc Jacobs for women and Blush Marc Jacobs, respectively] are more singular and definitely more ‘designer’ scents. I don’t want to say they’re older, but they’re more sophisticated….”
“…I don’t want to get too artsy about inspiration, but there is a sense memory, a reference, in fragrances,” said Jacobs. “Daisies don’t smell, but I wanted to evoke the feeling that you get when you see them — happy and youthful.”

Daisy’s sunny positioning is well in line with Jacobs’ current view of life. The designer just completed a stint in rehab and says he’s “on top of the world” at the moment.
For the full scoop go to WWD

— Joanne Molina for Second City Style

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