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Fountain of 30

April 25, 2007 • Beauty


Natayle Henry for Second City Style Magazine

The summer months are right around the corner. And with the warmer
weather nipping at your toes, so comes a subconscious voracity to bask
in God’s heavenly breeze whilst ethereally running your toes through
the sand… Yes, we all think the same thing! However, not all of us
are fortunate enough to retreat to an exotic destination, but you can
always look and feel as if you did! From products that will take you from pasty to bronzy and then some, you never need to hop a flight to look as if you just came back from Fiji.

From left to right:
Bobbi Brown’s Beach Body Oil $28
The name says it all. Beach by Bobbi Brown will bring anyone to a state
of euphoria. Rub this luxurious oil all over and close your eyes,
you’ll mistake your living room for a bungalow in Miami!

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