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Fountain of 30

June 6, 2007 • Beauty

By Natayle Henry for Second City Style Magazine

Summertime… a time to celebrate the end of the cold season, trips
to the Cape and aromas that put you in a state of euphoria. Pack up
your bold scents until Winter and try fabulous new whimsical
fragrances. From scents that remind you of your childhood to those that
will leave you lightly scented with a hint of mystery, this summer’s fragrances will definitely titillate your senses!   

Bath and Body Works Wild Honeysuckle
Reminiscent of the sweet smell of honeysuckle
during a childish romp on a hot Georgia day, Wild Honeysuckle emits not
only the smell of honeysuckle, but also the subtle scents of peach,
honeydew and jasmine.

The first fragrance from Coach, this classic scent is that of sophistication and richness. Honey, mimosa and jasmine are just a few of the key notes you’ll experience.

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