Fashion Week Post-Mortem: Becky’s Take on The Week

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February 23, 2009 • New York Fashion Week Fall '09


1. What was your favorite

Erin Fetherston. I'm all a-flutter every time I think about it.

Also, the G-Star show was an impressive piece of theater, and every detail–from the music to the lighting to the runway design to model selection–was perfect. And despite my assertion that the women's collection was largely too masculine, there were still pieces I loved and that I'll hunt down come fall. 

2. Which collection surprised you the
most, in a good way?
Cynthia Steffe. I didn't have expectations one way or the other, and I was totally impressed. This collection is a great model for my personal aesthetic (even though my personal aestheic is more of an ideal than a reality).

3. Which collection was the worst?
William Rast. Justin Timberlake's attempt to bring the ugly back was an affront to fashion.

Which collection were you most excited to see, but were let
Max Azria.

5. What was the best swag you
I, unlike Lauren, am a total, unabashed swag whore, and I'm happy to risk back strain and slipped disks to cart home loads of free stuff. The gift bag from The Robert Verdi/Schick blogger breakfast was hands-down the highest ranking for both volume and usability: Five Tresseme hair products, three Schick razors (including a newly designed Intuition and the Schick Quatro razor/bikini trimmer–which is awesome), Foot Petals, Sculptz, Ice Breakers Ice Cubes (they rock), Hershey's Dark (chocolate–woo hoo!) and a fan-freaking-tastic candle all packed into an L.L.Bean tote.

What are your favorite trends for Fall
The little blue dress (it's a good color on me) and, while I don't endorse high-waisted skinny leather pants, I'm excited about all the leather. I'm going to give laser-cut ruffles a shot, too, but I'm not sure I can pull 'em off.
7. What was
your favorite fashion week
Meeting so many amazing people. I became insta-friends with Charu Suri (founder of and editor of while waiting in line for Erin Fetherston; got to hang out with Brittany, one of the super-cool girls from Lippe Taylor; and had a serendipitous "I keep running into you" connection with jewelry designer Anna Balkan (whose stuff is gorgeous and totally unique).

8. What was
the worst thing to happen to you all
Waiting in line for the Christian Sirano show for an hour, watching three women doctor their seating cards to jump the line and then getting turned away because the show was full. I was wearing incredibly sexy stilleto boots–the kind of boots that are fine for an evening out, but not made for standing on your feet all day–in anticipation of a date meeting me at parties later that night, and my feet hurt so badly that I wanted to cut them off at the ankle. To add insult to injury–literally–the date flaked.

9. Best piece
of Fashion Week
Gossip? Who had time to get gossip? I was running around like a maniac all day and passing out as soon as I walked in the door at night. 
10. Favorite
celeb sighting.
I know nothing about celebrities. Nikki Hilton and Kate Bosworth could sit down in my lap and I would have no idea who they were. Seriously, I once saw Rhianna on the cover of a magazine and thought it was Halle Berry. 

– Becky Ellis

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