Big City, Bright Lights for Alexander Wang

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February 12, 2010 • Events, New York Fashion Week Spring '10


The American Eagle LED screen above their flagship store in New York is about to be graced with the most stylish and futuristic billboard known to man. 

Alexander Wang has decided instead of streaming his Fashion Week show live solely on SHOWstudio, he wanted to project a live feed onto a New York City Times Square billboard. In a last minute-search for the perfect backdrop, Wang came across the American Eagle LED screen and within 24 hours, the two agreed to show Wang's show there.

“This is a New York brand, and so much of our inspiration is from here,” Wang said, “I wanted to bring it to the people of New York and make it a part of the landscape.”

If you just happen to be passing through 46th Street and Broadway, the show is this Saturday at 6PM EST.

-Taneisha Jordan



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