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May 7, 2015 • Bling/Jewelry, Fashion Blog


Bling Jewelry



Sometimes you want, OK need, a little something bright and blingy to pick you up. We are not all in the position to pull out an AMEX black card and buy ourselves a $20K piece of jewelry (but wouldn’t that be nice) on a whim. Back down here on earth you might desire a new pair of earrings or a bracelet for yourself or your BFF that looks expensive, but isn’t. That’s where Bling Jewelry comes in handy.

The site is jam packed with stylish, high-quality (not many base metals but actual sterling), this-is-me jewelry. If you are dying to try something trendy, but don’t want to risk making a costly mistake this is the site for you. Find something fun for yourself and for those you love.

Bling Jewelry puts their collection together by listening to what you want. They keep one eye on the style blogs (like Second City Style) and fashion magazines and the other on sales data, so they see not just what fashion dictates but what people fall in love with and actually buy. Then their team of designers and manufacturers deliver the pieces you want—to their quality levels and for great prices—in days and weeks so the selection is constantly changing and being refreshed.

Hey, I won’t tell that you’ve mixed some lower priced items with your expensive baubles…I do it all the time!

Find your own treasures at Bling Jewelry.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Image Layout: Tequila Perrin

Some samples provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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