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June 8, 2007 • Accessories


Kristen Amato (center in blue)

Chicago jewelry designer, Kristen Amato is known for her totally affordable and stylish jewelry line K.Amato. Now she has taken the next step: a line of unique gold and silver jewelry called: Couture by K.Amato. Kristen describes it as her version of couture. Prices range from $100-$500 for 14K gold and sterling silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Multichain Triple Necklace $500

I sat down with Kristen a couple of days ago to ask her some questions and drool over her new line.

Your jewelry line is so successful. What was the thought process in creating this new, more expensive line? Especially since there is more competition at this price point.
KA: I was ready to take the risk. I wanted to try a higher price point, but not until I was established. The timing is right. With my original line, you can go a little more trendy since the prices points are lower. With my new line I wanted to create classic styles that you can wear forever, wear to the office or out at night and I wanted to reach a broader range of women.


Double Almond Drop Necklace $220

SCS: Where do you see this line selling?
KA: The boutiques have been amazing and I love working with them. K.Amato jewelry does well right near the cash register. Women love snapping up a pair of gorgeous earrings for $28. My goal with Couture is to gain credibility as a higher priced jewelry designer (department stores) as well as reach out to a new customer base.

Gold Vermeil Cuff $280

SCS: How do you see women wearing Couture?
KA: I’m still into the layering look with the necklaces. The short with the long. It instantly dresses up your outfit. I love that you can wear a basic white t-shirt and make it look glam by simply adding a necklace or two. The Couture line also mixes with my other line well. So you can feel comfortable spending $300 on a necklace and not feel you have to spend another $200 on the earrings. Although you could!

Almond Tassle Necklace $260


Hammered Tassel Earrings $170


Teardrop Tassel Necklace $320

Couture by K.Amato is currently available online at:
Second City Store
Active Endeavors

Also be sure to check out K.Amato in Lucky’s July issue! And not in the local section.

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