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April 23, 2007 • Magazine


Frankly, I would have hoped we ranked a little higher, but it does give us something to aim for. Tell your friends (and enemies) about Second City Style! So here is the deal:

Many of us have seen articles on the most influential fashion blogs
in the mainstream media. However, a lot of these articles really didn’t
go into any data as to which blog had the most traffic or biggest
readership. We feel that the fashion blog phenomenon has grown enough
to deserve it’s own set of metrics. So, we have created this list.

The focus of this study is on independent blogs, not corporate blogs
or blogs associated with a periodical. Thus we eliminated sites like
the ThisNext blog and the fashion blog at Glamour.   We also eliminated blogs that were more gossip oriented than fashion oriented.  We kept Go Fug Yourself and The Manolo, but eliminated sites like “A Socialite’s Life.

Our Findings:

  • There are a lot of fashion blogs out there.  We dug through many sites that we had never heard of.
  • Many blogs are getting choked by widgets and advertising. If you
    have to wait 30 seconds for a site to load on DSL, that’s not a good
    thing. Don’t sell out your readers for a few $$$.
  • Many blogs are not set up to maximize search engine traffic, thus a significant source of new readers is not being exploited.
  • We were surprised by the readership and reach of the Handbag blogs.  Who knew!

Our Methodology:

We used three basic metrics to determine the blog ranking. Unique
visitors (audience), traffic (reach) and links to the site (influence.)
This data was compiled from Quantcast, Alexa, and Yahoo and weighted
according to what we felt was the most accurate data. We then
calculated the overall score and came up with a ranking.

46      Second City Style     

Well, at least we made it! Check out the full story here





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    Great job and a good theme. And thanks for the mention.

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