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Fountain of 30

May 11, 2007 • Fashion



SheFinds asks: Dresses with Pockets — Hot or Not?

Guess what? Omiru poll results find that hot pink is…

Are you sure that’s maternity wear? My Fashion Life says it sure is…

Second City Style interviews Project Runway winner, Jeffrey Sebelia.



The Antrobus Convertible Bag is the perfect solution traveling light says Bag Snob!

Coquette picks her spring favorites from Kris Nations Jewelry.

eBelle5 reveals Jessica Simpson’s version of Rafe’s Rivington Handbag.

Yes, you can wear a dress in emerald, fuschia,
purple or any other bold color. According to Fashiontribes, the secret
is accessories in nude or metallic tones.

Kristopher does a non-tribute to the YSL "Tribute" shoe.

An organized handbag makes life a
little more manageable. Girlawhirl finds options from Alexandra Bee
and Purseket

Are reusable designer shopping bags truly the future? Papierblog finds out.

Want to know what the StyleBakery editors are
? They’re sharing all the products they can’t live without this

Life in a Venti Cup realizes that sometimes imitation isn’t the sincerest form of flattery.

Styleaholics catches up with sneaker blogger Ms. Exclusive Sneaker Aficionado Illuminati.

Already looking toward summer jewelry accesorizing, The Jewelry Weblog discovered some yummy fruit jewelry.

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  1. The behind the scenes (seams?) look at Jeffrey Sebelia and his collection was excellent. Thanks for showcasing elements of his personality that reality TV would never expose.
    Truth be told, I was very disappointed he won the competition. I didn’t care for his ‘on air’ personality. But your interview gave me a new appreciation for him as a designer.

  2. cait says:

    I really like this website because it features many designers from all over the world and has really unique pieces. They update their site very often as well, so there is constantly new stuff on it.

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