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April 26, 2007 • Off-Topic


Earlier this week the market research firm Millward Brown released their annual Brandz Top 100 Most Powerful Brands rankings. Google, who in 7th place in last year’s ranking, came out swinging this year and landed on top with a brand value of $66.4 billion. That’s a 77% rise in brand value putting the relative newcomer ahead of long-established brands.

"Success stories from this year’s Brandz Top 100 demonstrate that winning brands leverage major market trends effectively to create business value," said Joanna Seddon, chief exective for Millward Brown. "Strong brands are capable of extending into areas of opportunity to access new revenue streams and to help businesses respond to market changes."

The total value of the Top 100 brands has reached $1.6 trillion, an increase of 10.6% over the last year.

So what does this all mean? Well, let’s see how brands we fashionistas know and adore and see how they (if any) ranked…to help put it in perspective.

# 1 Google
# 14 BMW
# 20 Louis Vuitton
#29 Mercedes
#35 Starbucks
#40 Porche
#43 eBay
#52 Target

#63 Nike
#76 Goldman Sachs
#79 Chanel
#84 Cartier
#85 Hermes
#89 Gucci
#90 Zara
#98 Lexus
#100 Rolex

Source: BizReport

See full list here.

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