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January 30, 2015 • Fashion Blog, Retail Detail

C. Wonder Closing

A few weeks ago I posted Wondering If C.Wonder Is To Cease and well, as I suspected then…it is. The few remaining open stores are selling everything (including the fixtures) for 75% off. So what went wrong with this preppy Tory Burch lite concept that burst on to the scene a mere four years ago? According to an article in yesterday’s NY Post it was a lack of brand loyalty, “(Founder) Chris Burch, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Jan. 22. The Soho shop — along with 31 other locations nationwide — will remain open until it liquidates its stock, likely until Saturday or shortly thereafter, according to several store employees.”

I can’t help myself, but the few times I have passed a C. Wonder store since I reported it’s demise, I have had to peek to see what’s left. I usually walk out empty handed, but I’m curious. There’s a lot of preppy crap and tunics. Loads of tunics. The problem with the brand was it’s cheap, inferior quality. Not just that it was a rip-off of the ex Mrs. Chris Burch.

You didn’t need to have a rocket scientist to figure out Chris Burch opened his C. Wonder stores to piss off Tory Burch. He helped finance her brand in 2004 while they were still married. Mind you, they were in no need of the cash considering they lived in s suite at the Pierre hotel in NYC. However, the socialite wife began designing tunics in their kitchen and after Oprah proclaimed them one of her “favorite things” they were off to the races. The Burches later divorced and Tory Burch became a billionaire. Obviously there was some animosity and Chris founded C. Wonder out of spite.

Then some lawsuits ensued (which if you watch Bravo’s “Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce” you will notice the Gordon and Courtney Burch legal battle storyline is OBVIOUSLY meant to be the Burches) that were eventually settled. Predictably Chris Burch lost interest in screwing over his ex-wife. He never was a threat anyway. He’s moved on, with a load of debt in his wake. Look for the lifestyle brand “E.D.” he is developing with Ellen DeGeneres to launch this spring. Hopefully it will be more successful.

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– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photo & Source: NY Post

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