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July 10, 2007 • Magazine


Cassie vs. Amerie in a gold Versace mini.

Winner: I don’t care for Versace or celebs that use one name, but that is not important right now. If I have to pick a winner, I’d say Cassie. The shoes and the bag play off the dress well and she kept her hair and makeup easy, breezy. Amerie erred by wearing too many bracelets and giant hoop earrings. The silver shoes were also a bad call. This dress is enough bling in and of itself.

America Ferrera vs. Elisha Cuthbert in Thakoon

Winner: I so badly wanted it to be America, but alas I have to go with Elisha. The dress is a little big on America (don’t forget to have clothes altered). She also looses points for wearing ankle straps that cut the line of her legs, thereby making them appear shorter. Elisha looks pristine and her hair loosely pulled back shows off the beautiful neck and shoulder details of the frock.

Mary J. Blige vs. Kylie Minogue in Pucci

Winner: I like Pucci in theory, just not on (most people). Especially when it has a mock turtleneck that looks like it’s strangling its latest victim. This is a tough call. While I hate Blige’s shoe choice, Minogue looks like the walking dead. The off-white background of the dress perfectly matches her skin-tone and hair and washes her out completely. Therefore, the winner is Blige (by a point). I suggest wearing Pucci in small doses, like a skirt with a solid top or a simple Pucci scarf. A dress is hard for anyone to pull off.

Molly Sims vs. Fergie in a Couture Couture frock

Winner: Fergie. She got me with the Loubies, frankly. Great call with this dress. She also scores points for wearing a cuff that plays off the brass buttons of the dress perfectly. While the color is better with Molly’s skintone, she missed the boat with her heavy leather handbag and shoe choice.

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2 Responses to Celebrity Fashion Smackdown. Who Wore It Better? Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Kristen says:

    For me its the color of Cassie’s dress that makes her a clear winner over Amerie. Cassie’s choice beautifully complements her natural bronze skin tone and matching accessories. Although Amerie doesn’t look bad in her dress, you’re absolutely spot on about her earrings, bracelets, and shoes. Regardless, both of these girls have bodies that are to die for!

  2. Lauren - SCS says:

    You are right on that last point! They both have bodies to kill for. I hate them…kidding.

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