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July 27, 2007 • Celebrity Style


Yesterday we (Second City Style) reported on the impending issue of the OK! magazine issue that tells the sad tale of the rapid decline of Britney Spears’ career and state of mental health. I would add fashion, but it was always pretty horrid.

While waiting at the Chicago airport for my flight back to NYC last night, I was surprised and elated to see the OK! issue was already on the stand. What I am sure will be the best week of sales OK! magazine US has ever had (it was my first issue)…I helped contribute $2.50 to their coffer.

It was obvious the editors were pissed that Britney not only walked away with their borrowed wardrobe, but out of their interview and photo shoot as well. What they witnessed was a real tragedy. I really felt sorry for this spoiled and misguided little girl. It is obvious she has checked out of reality…still wondering what has happened to her career and taking no personal responsibility. However, what I felt most sorry for were her poor children. They seem to be accessories to her. Much like her menagerie of dogs.

OK, back to fashion…here is the real tally from the magazine itself:

Vera Wang Dress    $974
Lanvin Heels            $380
Pucci Head Scarf    $281
Kaviar and Kind Ring    $6,387
Another Kaviar and Kind Ring    $6,387
Mia Vita Dress    $300
Gold Bangle    $87

Alisha Levine Dress    $274
Marni Heels   $595
Versace Gown   $5,602

Total:    $21,267

Oddly, the Zac Posen gown (valued at $6,700) Spears’ pooch used as a toilet was not added to the above, which is kinda gross. Neither were the items her personal assistant took (shorts and a tank). She allegedly also tried to score a free dress, but was caught by an OK! wardrobe coordinator. Tacky.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Source: OK! magazine

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