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July 30, 2007 • Breaking News


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If you play, you play. Unless of course you are Lindsay Lohan. The down-and-out but not beaten or willing to accept responsibility now has another enabler in her corner.

Jill Stuart, who has hired the actress to star in the fashion house’s advertising campaign stands behind her, according to Perez Hilton.

The House of Jill Stuart said:

“We continue to be supportive of Lindsay and her family’s efforts to
get back on track and a healthful road to sobriety and rehabilitation,
as anyone who has had a friend or where all of these high profile
stories are emanating from, that also does not address the source,
namely the restaurants & bars that comp these young people and the
loved one struggle with the disease of alcoholism and addiction knows
all too well. I would also question the virtuosity of an investigation
or prosecution, especially in LA paparazzi that harass them


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Photos: Catwalk Queen & MSNBC

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