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May 9, 2007 • Celebrity Style


Good Lord. You would think after the sorry display (fugly sneak preview) of SJP’s Bitten line, Steve & Barry’s might give it rest. Alas that is not the case. The chain specializing in university logo sweatshirts and licensed
clothing has just signed a deal with actress Amanda Bynes (who is she?), who will
create an exclusive collection of apparel and accessories, which will arrive in stores August 10.

Each piece in the line,
called Dear, will retail at $19.98 or below (this should be good).  Dear will not carry the
same fashion message as Bitten (an that would be?). According to information provided by
Steve & Barry’s, the Dear line will "reflect Bynes’ personal sense
of style and comfort." The idea, they said, was to provide clothing
that will be "dear to the wearer for years to come." (Um, I doubt that. Disposable fashion I give 3 wearings max.)

Dear is
Bynes’ first foray into fashion, but she will join a host of new
celebrity designers for fall, including Paris Hilton, Sienna Miller and
Victoria Beckham. Please help us all! It’s another sad day for fashion.

Source: WWD

Photo: WireImage

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