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June 13, 2007 • Celebrity Style

America Ferrera vs. Eva Longoria in a leopard Nanette Lepore dress.

Winner: We love America! Seriously, she won this one hands down. She looks sexy while Eva looks dowdy. Who ever woulda guessed that right? Eva’s hair style does not match the mood of this grrr animal print dress. Nor do her necklace and black tights. America’s carefree hair, bare legs and sandals are anything but ugly.

Riyo Mori vs. Oprah in Gucci.

Winner: Who really wants to challenge the queen? I know I don’t. I will call this one a tie (I wouldn’t dare cross the queen). The crown and sash with this dress are not doing it for me, although the dress fits Riyo Mori a bit better. However, Oprah looks pretty slammin’ too.


Kelly Clarkson vs. Kate Walsh in Monique Lhuillier’s bubble dress.

Winner: Kate Walsh. Maybe I am just irritated that Kelly is on the cover of my Elle magazine this month (Kelly Clarkson…a cover girl?), so she loses. OK, I’m joking, but you can’t beat a redhead when it comes to this shade of green. Kate Walsh looks amazing.

Celine Dion vs. Ellen Pompeo in Lanvin.

Winner: Celine Dion. She wins mostly because she wears this difficult color better. This color is hard to wear well. The dress blends with Ellen’s skintone. I’m not a fan of shiny fabrics with metallic shoes. On the flip side, I am not a fan of Celine’s music either. But, we are talking about clothes and style here. I prefer the black belt with the black tights and super-hot black shoes. Period.

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6 Responses to Celebrity Fashion Smackdown. Who Wore It Better? Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Laura says:

    I absolutely agree with every one of these! Kate Walsh looks really good, and I agree that Celine Dion looks amazing in her dress too! But I dont think its hard to imagine Kelly Clarkson as a covergirl….sure she isnt the prettiest celebrity, but she is looked up to by many people and she is an amazing singer. And even though I can agree that some of Celine Dion’s songs are the most popular, she has an AMAZING voice and I dont think there’s anybody out there who could sing her songs as good as her!!!

  2. Laura says:


  3. Emily says:

    Laura your so right.
    Celine is an AMAZING singer; one of the best in the world; and she has the fans and awards to prove that and not to mention the vocals.
    And the dress looks fabulous.

  4. roxana says:

    i love ellen pompeo !! she’s the best:*:* kiss 4 ellen from romania:)

  5. ♥phoebe♥ says:

    This is a coolio site. It has super cool outfits and you acually have a say even though you can’t really vote, you can still think it!!!♥

  6. Style says:

    I thought Eva looked great

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