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May 15, 2007 • Celebrity Style


Lindsay Lohan vs. Lily Allen in a tweed-rimmed dress by Chanel.

Winner: In what is sure to go down in fashionista infamy we have a major upset. No seriously, Lindsay Lohan is going to be majorly upset when she finds out she lost a fashion contest. Lily Allen’s dress fits better and is not pulling across her chest. The length is more ‘Chanel’ appropriate than Lindsay’s as well.

Stacy Keibler vs. Kelly Clarkson in a Castle Starr minidress.

Winner: Stacy Keibler. Yeah we know this one was no contest, but we thought you deserved a ‘gimme.’ This dress does nothing for Kelly and everything for Stacy. We are getting a little tired of the dress over jeans thing too.


Nicky Hilton vs. Hilary Duff in a Petro Zillia jumper.

Winner: Nicky Hilton. OK, truth be told, I don’t particularly like this cutesy little jumper. Then again, these girls are both in their early 20’s so I can overlook it. It does point out that bare arms and opaque black tights look odd together. Keeping the leg bare was a wiser choice.

Paris Hilton vs. Serena Williams in an Alice + Olivia sequined shift.

Winner: Paris. Dang, another Hilton winner. Had Serena not shortened her frock so much she would/could have been the victor. Paris is always so matchy-matchy (her bag and shoes must always match her outfit perfectly). Yet in the end, she won.

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3 Responses to Celebrity Fashion Smackdown. Who Wore It Better? Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Lauren says:

    I agree with all your picks! It still amazes me that with all the outfit options available for celebrities they can still end up wearing the same outfit out as another celebrity!

  2. TLC says:

    I’ve heard that sometimes their publicists will encourage them to wear something that a designer has given to another celeb, because it will likely lead to press like this.

  3. Lauren-SCS says:

    That wouldn’t surprise me at all. Good press, bad press…who cares? Just notice me! Sad no?
    P.S. Great voice. New fan.

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