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October 18, 2007 • Fashion


I admit, I am not a huge fan of fashion for the masses. It sorta kills any notion of individuality. Considering, however, that some people still need ‘Garanimals’ to get dressed in the morning, sometimes a full wardrobe line is just the answer.

While in Chicago last week I had a chance to steal a car (OK, borrow Carol’s…how I miss driving) and check out the latest Target Go! Collection and Kohl’s collection for myself. It’s hard for me to judge from pictures alone. I need to see, touch and even try on clothes for a legit write-up.

I hit Target first as it was the furthest away and let’s face it…I know Target. My  kitchen, bath, work-out wear and dog…all know Target. I am one of the legions of fans. I even liked some of the last Libertine collection and considering I LOVE Temperley and thought the photos on the Target site looked pretty good, I was looking froward to this.

I don’t expect quality for $30, but expected more for sure. The clothes that were left (and there wasn’t much) were horrid. I was in shock. Overall pants, polka dot long sleeved tees and badly made blouses? Oh no. I tried on a pair of black tux pants and ran out within ten minutes. See the items I saw below.

This jacket was horrid


Worse were these overalls!

This blouse was no bargain at $34.95 for such cheap quality


These pants were not worth $40

Next on the tour was Kohl’s. I have driven by the store in Chicago on Elston a million times, but until last Friday, had never gone in. It’s like a Marshall’s meets Lord and Taylor, which isn’t saying much. Thankfully the Simply Vera Wang Collection was near the entrance so I didn’t have to look hard. Except for the fact that all the smaller sizes were pretty much picked over, the clothes were surprisingly…nice!

I found myself grabbing about 12 items that I actually wanted to try on (many were too large but I wanted to get the idea). Don’t bother asking for help finding sizes. What you see is what you get and in my case, there was one poor salesperson working about half the entire floor (it ain’t Nordstrom).

What the photos don’t show are the details and draping which I was floored was even in this collection. I fell in love with a black satin over coat which sadly could have fit another whole person it was so large. I was bummed because for $129 (less 20%) I would have snagged it for sure. I had a black tie event to attend the next night and I would have ‘tested’ it.

Simply Vera Black Car Coat on sale for $102.40
This is the great coat I wanted…too big. Bummer.


Simply Vera Belted Tank Dress on sale for $70.40
The draping in the back of this dress is very pretty and flattering

Simply Vera Ruffle Sweater
Shhh. I bought this! There is some sapphire blue worked in to the mostly charcoal sweater. I think I paid about $50! As of last night, it’s no longer on the site. Neither is the dress I bought.

Simply Vera Babydoll Sweater $46.40
I bought this too. In plum. I love it.

The prices are almost double that of Target’s, but the Kohl’s collection was much better quality and more wearable. The dresses were fantastic and let’s just say I walked out $182 poorer with a dress and two sweaters in my huge plastic bag. That’s a lot of swag for the cash. Simply Vera at Kohl’s

Winner: Simply Vera, by a long shot.

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  1. shoeaholic says:

    I think that Simply Vera was successful because she found better fabrics and details, and so she had to charge an extra $20-$50, but it is well worth it. She bridged the gap from where something could be a piece of junk and instead turned out a reasonably priced piece of fashion!

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