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October 18, 2007 • Fashion


Counterfeit handbags and apparel are one thing, but fake fragrance? P.U. You mean the perfume I see sold on the street corners of NYC are fake? No way!

According to WWD, late Tuesday six
foreign nationals were arrested in the first criminal counterfeit case involving fragrances. And it’s unlikely to be the
last, as more arrests are expected.

New York
police officers on Tuesday raided Price Right Perfume and Watches,
located at 1205 Broadway, which was stocked with hundreds of bottles of
fragrance bearing the names of leading scent brands, including Armani,
Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Kenneth Cole, Liz Claiborne and Davidoff. More
than 600 bottles of fragrance, with a total retail value of $36,000,
were identified as counterfeit and immediately seized, a police
spokesman said Wednesday.

source estimated the store’s total inventory — much of which will need
to undergo testing by the respective companies involved — had a value
of close to $3 million at retail. The source added that more than
$100,000 in cash was also seized.

Because fragrances are applied to the skin — and some counterfeits have
been shown to include additives such as urine and antifreeze — fakes
can pose a significant public safety issue, said Bradley Schnur,
president and chief operating officer of SES and a former assistant
district attorney in Brooklyn. "It’s a health issue, in addition to
hurting companies in the pocket," he said.

Now they will try to determine how this merchandise was brought into the
U.S. Most of the counterfeit items are believed to be
manufactured in China or Dubai, said Schnur.

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