Current Fashion Trends To Avoid If You’re Over 35

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We are going to lay it out there for you. Even though I am writing this, trust me, Carol agrees! We get there are no steadfast rules to fashion, but there is that point in a woman’s life when she looks at herself in the mirror and asks herself, “Can I really wear this?” We are here to answer that voice in your head. There truly are some fashion trends to avoid if you’re over 35. We don’t agree that just because you turn 40 you need to chop off your hair for a more “mature” style or that you can no longer wear stilettos in your 50’s. That’s B.S. Some even say you shouldn’t shop at Forever 21 or Topshop over 40. We disagree with that too. Let’s clarify, if you shop at those stores exclusively, then yes, you might have a problem. However, adding a piece here and there to balance out your hi/lo look is fine. Just don’t borrow clothes from your teenage daughter. We feel women of any age can wear most trends. It’s just how you wear them that matters. Here are current fashion trends to avoid if you’re over 35…

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Overalls more
Crop Topsmore
Micro Minismore
Neon Colorsmore
Mixed Patternsmore
Cropped Pantsmore
Acid Washed Jeansmore
Rompers (short shorts kind)more
Studded Wedge Sneakersmore
Ombre Hair I love ombre hair. I really do. It's just too easy to do it wrong. At any age. I even went so far to ask my colorist if I could/should try ombre and he talked me out of it for the simple reason that it can be aging. Oh and the upkeep is impossibly hard if you are also combating grey hair (like me). Since you want the roots dark any grey hairs are going to stand out. I highlight the hell out of my hair to help obscure the grey! In fact, I joke I will be a a full-fledged blonde by the time I'm 50! If you want to try ombre, go subtle. As in a few shades lighter than your base color. Sandra Bullock got it right!more
Big Words The word PINK (Juicy, your sorority, etc.) down the side of anything...we think it goes without saying that if you are out of college, this is a very bad idea. They should have been cleared from your closet by the time you were 25 at the very least.more

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