Daybreaker’s Green Juice-Fueled St. Patrick’s Day Yoga & Dance Party!

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March 18, 2016 • Chicago, Fashion Blog, Health & Fitness


While most people in Chicago are nursing serious hangovers today, we feel great. In fact, we may have found a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition. Yesterday, on the dawn of one of the craziest and most regrettable drinking holidays of the year, we skipped the madness in favor of a yoga class at sunrise followed by a green juice-fueled dance party. How better could you possible start your day?

The opportunity came courtesy of Daybreaker, a coalition of early morning party planners across the globe. The thinking behind yesterday’s event was simple: Why does Saint Patrick’s Day have to be about overcrowded bars and booze soaked bros? Swap the Guinness with some green juice and rock out some green and gold for a killer morning dance party (as stated in the invitation). Having thankfully tucked our early morning St. Patrick’s Day drinking rituals behind us years ago, we decided why not give this new take on the holiday a whirl? The event was held at 1st ward, the back event space of Wicker Park’s Chop Shop. The class was surprisingly packed for a 5:30 am call time, so much so that we didn’t get a mat and regrettably had to practice our yoga poses directly on the floor. Still, with a DJ spinning zen-like beats and a traditional flowing Hatha routine, it was one of the more unique ways we’ve woken up in recent history.


Chop Shop in Wicker Park hosted the Daybreaker’s St. Patrick’s Day dance party

After the class the mats were cleared and guests could pick from a supply of energy fuel in the form of water, coffee and juice brands like Cold Brew, Essentia, Lifeway, and Vita Coco. Once we were properly replenished, our official party starter Haile Supreme aka Chocolate Jesus, came out in all his robed, long-haired splendor and turned the tranquil yoga vibes into thumping dance party. Guests decked out in green costumes and bespangled outfits filled the dance floor as the DJ turned up the volume and a smoke machine suddenly appeared. It was easy to see why this has become a trend that’s quickly acquiring a cult following.


Coffee, juice and water from companies like Cold Brew were available for guests after our workout to gear up for the dance party!


Haile Supreme aka Chcolate Jesus got the crowd moving post-yoga

Regrettably, we had to leave by 7 am after a solid few times around the dance floor, but the party was just starting to pick up with a brass band and traditional Irish dancers queued up to perform until the party stopped around 8:30 am. Feeling super accomplished by the time the sun was rising, we’ll definitely be trying one of these workout dance party fusions again. It’s worth the 4 am wake up call for those who are willing to try it.

For more info on upcoming events visit Daybreaker.

– Alia Rajput

Photos: Second City Style

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