Deja Shoe. Copy Cat Dior Extremes & YSL Tributes

Fountain of 30

June 3, 2008 • Accessories

What’s going on here?

Whoops they did it again! Steve Madden keeps knocking them out off this summer!

To the left is the "Sex and the City" Dior Extreme sandal for $770, on the right, Steve Madden‘s version called Madalynn for $109.95


Here for your viewing pleasure are the gorgeous real deal to the left: the 2008 Yves Saint Laurent Tribute for $760. On the right, the Steve Madden Aileenn for $99.95


Look familiar? Granted, I’m not a novice and can tell the difference. Can you? Then again, these are pretty good knock-offs. Easier to own too.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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