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September 17, 2007 • Fashion


According to WWD, Suzy Menkes, the
International Herald Tribune critic would like to clarify her comments
about Marc Jacobs and having to wait two hours for his show to begin. Apparently, Menkes talked to WWD Sunday about the
Jacobs comment (wanting to murder him "with my bare hands") and other issues addressed in Thursday’s front-page
story headlined "Jacobs Blasts Back."

"I’m afraid my British sense of
humor fell flat," Menkes said. "My remarks about murdering Marc Jacobs
were meant as a joke, and probably a very bad one. My dinner
with Stephanie Solomon of Bloomingdale’s — in memory of Kal Ruttenstein
— was totally screwed." (Solomon is vice president of fashion direction
at the store and the late Ruttenstein had been senior vice-president of
fashion direction.) "I know what Kal would have said about the two-hour
wait: ‘If the show is worth it, who cares?"

However, Menkes wrote a scathing review of the show. As to the fact that the New York shows fell so close to the Jewish Holiday, "I was never called by, or spoke to, the CFDA
at any time to discuss show dates and the Jewish holiday. I wish they
had asked my opinion, because I think the New York shows were much too
early and must have put a strain on all designers relying on European

Source: WWD

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