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August 27, 2007 • Fashion


Nicole Miller RTW Fall ’07

With fur being the fabric of the upcoming season, NYC Animal Rights’ plans to rally outside Bryant Park for some of the shows during Fashion Week. Odd timing since designers are showing their spring lines and fur isn’t really a smart choice of fabrics for spring, but I digress. Nicole Miller decided it was the perfect time for some fur-free publicity Friday, announcing out her company’s miniscule use of fur this year (one fur coat) and plans to be
fur-free starting in the spring, according to WWD.

The designer and her company’s
chief executive officer Bud Konheim said in a statement that fur was
never planned for the spring runway show. "This year, the company will
design, manufacture and market 150,000 pieces in 1,090 styles for its
designer collection, but only 12 pieces will have fur trim. That
amounts to 0.008% of the items the company sells, meaning 99.992
% of its garments are fur-free, they said. Those figures are
typical of the designer’s collection."

NYC Animal Rights’ Web
site posted the "Nicole Miller Biography of Cruelty," superimposed on a
close-up of the designer’s face Photoshopped with what appeared to be
blood on her cheeks. The group’s multiple claims online Friday
included, "For over 20 years, Nicole Miller has been a principal of
American arrogance and greed. Her following is celebrity driven and
far-reaching thanks to cruel designs that appeal to an array of selfish

However, NYC Animal Rights would consider not staging the demonstration
if Miller is planning to go fur-free this spring, Lopez said.

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