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May 27, 2008 • Fashion


Who knew LL Cool J could out-design Perez, LC, Heidi, Avril Lavigne and possibly even Beyonce (at least, B for little girls)? Of all the recent celeb designers we’ve been reporting on, LL Cool J for Sears looks like one of the most appropriate lines for its customers and retailer. Whether LL actually had input on the designs, or just licensed his name to Sears, he made some good decisions somewhere! Edward Lampert, chairman of the Sears corporation, explains the pairing with this comment: "We know this [urban] customer is in the store, but it’s a customer we
weren’t reaching. With this brand, we see tremendous growth opportunity.
" The collection of casual wear for juniors, young men’s, girls’ and boys’
will roll out to 450 of Sears’ 900 stores in September and could
generate as much as $100 million to $150 million in its first year, according to WWD. The rapper, actor, and now designer says, "I was raised by a matriarch, I have a wife and three daughters, so I
know what women are looking for when they shop for clothes.
My main concern… is to make sure the fit is right. We are going to be constantly looking at fine-tuning the fit and we’ll get it right." He sounds committed, and it sounds like Sears and LL might not be as odd of a match-up as it seems! Check out the line’s looks below…

Source: WWD

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