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May 2, 2007 • Fashion

Every one of these styles made me look pregnant. No thanks.

I spoke to my best friend Diana who lives in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, "have you tried on those designer tops and dresses at the Gap, yet?" she asked. I admitted I had not had found time to check them out. "Don’t bother. If I were pregnant, I would have snapped up everything, however…they just made me look fat!" Mind you Diana is a glamazon. Tall, totally normal weight (size 6?) and striking. If these clothes looked bad on her, I knew Gap was in trouble.

This just looked too buttoned up and didn’t fit well. Bunched in all the wrong places.

Last week while walking down Madison Ave. in New York with my mother, I must have seen about 8 different women wearing various pieces (no exaggeration). I mostly saw the Doo.Ri flower top and you know what? They really looked horrid on every woman and girl (yes, girls) I saw. The one exception was the Rodarte dress with the bows. My mother commented to the woman she loved her dress to which she replied, "It’s great! I’m 6 months pregnant." Case closed.

So the next day I dragged my fiance into the Gap to try some on myself. I wanted to reserve judgment until I had first hand insight.  There were only about 6 styles left which clued me into what was a hit and what was a miss. I tried on some belted items and some of the larger cut Rodarte ones. Guess what? The fits were pretty bad for us average, non-model types.

Gap_thakoon This one looks good, but they were out.

The Rodarte dress in a Medium (smallest size left) was huge! I seriously could have worn it through 9 months of pregnancy. I did like the Rodarte top. I thought with skinny jeans or a tight fitted skirt it was cute, but my finance hated it. I didn’t bother to show him the rest. They just looked, in a word…bad. I left empty handed. Obviously others have not since the stores and site are nearly out.

What are your thoughts? Did you purchase any? Did it look good or did you just buy it anyway?

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