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April 18, 2007 • Magazine


By now everybody knows about the Gap Design (Limited) Edition white shirts and frocks by Doo-Ri Chung, Thakoon Panichgul and Rodarte. Are masses of fashionistas ripping them off the rotating racks in the 100 Gap stores selling the items? Um, no. However, according to a report in today’s WWD, company brass are nonetheless pleased with consumer reaction to the collection.

Mind you, the troubled company has to say that (it’s called spin), however, I have to say this is a rather impressive collection (looking at photos only). I still scratch my head that Gap still hasn’t figured out (since the Mouret collection) that they would be better served by making a special label for the items rather than simply using the plain blue ‘Gap’ label. Even Target and H&M figured that out. I digress.

Now comes news (from the Wall Street Journal) Vogue’s May issue will highlight Gap, Inc.’s collection and new found partnership with up-and-coming fashion designers.

Yes, this does sound like a stretch, but at this point, what can it hurt? Gap is literally dying for some good publicity. However, this innovative launch could be too little too late and might not solve the struggling retailer’s fundamental problem: It has lost its core consumer.

Gap Design (Limited) Edition

White shirt shown is by Thakoon

– Lauren Dimet

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